By Gypsy, NuthinButDaBlues.com

6/18/03 Vibe'N to . . .       Hard Bargain

Straight outta NYC, driving a soulful blues bargain that's hard to beat ... Hard Bargain's self-titled CD dispenses the blues, saturated with satisfying soul and spiked with a generous blend of R&B grooves. An undeniably entertaining combination, showcasing the talents of an intense blues band, supporting seasoned blues vocalist "King Arthur" Canady, offers a mighty strong showing for a first CD! There's no half-stepping in Canady's passionate vocals. As a testament to his natural talent, he belts out lyrics over the powerful backing band, for a sound that echoes of Stax or Muscle Shoals.

Their 11-track CD offers a versatile full blast of blues, R&B and soul; Running the gamut from satisfying slow drags intensified by heart-tugging sax work, on up to lusty shake-your-money-maker material. The heady blend of deep soul-blues vocals, rhythm-pounding drums, keyboards, guitar and bass, loaded with sexy sax blowing backup, kicks out a radio-ready blues-blend that deserves full exposure. The eight-piece band consisting of Lead Vocals: "King Arthur" Canady, Bass/Vocals: Michael Cohen, Rhythm Guitar/Vocals: Alan Grossinger, Drums/ Vocals: Ron Duncan, Lead Guitar: Bill Wright, Keyboards: Dennis Gilmour, Tenor Sax: Rafik Cezanne, Alto Sax: Cal Payne, is not your average blues band. Their first outing displays tight instrumentals loaded with funky energy, melding with Canady's deep soul-blues vocals, and offers a measure of some favorite cover tunes, as well as prime blues originals.

If you're craving a new blues listening experience showing off confident vocals and a powerful backing band throughout, Hard Bargain is a sound transaction. Visit their web site at:  http://thebassguy.com/hardbargain .  To hear samples and get a copy of their CD, visit http://www.cdbaby.com/hardbargain or call 1-800-BUY-MY-CD.

Better yet, catch Hard Bargain live at 9pm Friday, Oct.24th at the Stanhope House, Stanhope, NJ. Yes, the band is available for bookings! Contact Regina Tillman / The Blueshift Group at 518-229-1548 for Hard Bargain promotional materials, bookings or interviews. RETURN TO HARD BARGAIN HomePage.