Geoffrey Cohen

   Some people call me by my actual name, but I am also known as Scuba Steve, Conehead, and son-of-thebassguy. I am a junior in high school, in a fairly small town in in Connecticut. I am planning to have a career as a programmer, or something else computer related. Most of the the things on my pages are original. Just about all of the graphics are my own.
   I enjoy listening to classic rock (such as Jimi Hendrix, Jethro Tull, and Led Zeppelin) and some metal. I also like to play computer games, my favorites are real-time strategy games. The summer before last summer, I got my SCUBA certification through PADI. I haven't gotten to do any real diving, besides my certification dives, but I hope to get some in soon.
   Even though I'm sixteen, I probably won't get my license for another year, which kinda sucks. I don't even have a learning permit yet, but I have driven a few times. I've only run over five people and a dog, (kidding, it was only two people.) One thing I have been doing is giving my Grandfather computer lessons, which he's paying me to do, so it's cool.

To contact me click the image below to send me an email. Tell me what you think of my pages. I only check it about every week or two, though.


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