For Immediate Release:
Jan. 2002




New York City bassist Michael Cohen – also known as thebassguy ( -- has been playing blues, R&B and rock for over 25 years. In the tri-state area, he has been the driving beat with a number of bands including Big Carl, Blue Mercy, Hard Bargain, Juke House Kings and Toots & the Shades. With a series of great gigs and solid demos under his belt, Cohen longed to get the music out to those who would appreciate it, and found and its unique user-review system to be the best vehicle., also known as Garageband Records, has now featured ten different recordings by Cohen as “Track of the Day” since last year, an uncommon occurrence on the site. The featured tracks, mostly remakes and covers along with several original songs by thebassguy and bandmates, were all co-produced by Cohen. On Christmas Eve 2000, his original song “More Blues Than I Can Use” was the first one chosen by users as Track of the Day.

Most recently, his band Hard Bargain had their 5th Track-of-the-Day with their remake of Room 244, featured on January 11th. Hard Bargain is a seven-piece R&B band featuring veteran blues vocalist “King Arthur” Canady.


“I’m was hoping for 10 songs within 1 year!” Cohen says. “The only thing these tracks have in common is me, thebassguy, as bassplayer and co-producer."  Cohen produced his own original songs, as well as handling keyboards and vocals.



The featured tracks can be found as RealAudio files at, under each featured band:,, and Some selected reviews for Hard Bargain recordings can be found at



Cohen’s web pages at feature his music as well as excellent original photography, artwork, astronomy, bass and blues links and contact information for anyone interested in hiring or contacting thebassguy.


A native of Atlanta, Cohen lived in Florida and Connecticut before settling in New York.