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"I'm impressed--Nice snappy arrangment. Great lyrical approach. Sweet, clear leads.
Excellent tone. Great use of horns. Awsome sax. You sound like a group of seasoned musicians.
It was a priviledge to get to listen to this piece!"
Commack, NY
"I love the rhythm, a real nice feel which sets a nice mood. Nice sax, good
solid guitar work,...nice change up on the solo. Decent vocal, good arrangement.
You guys got it!"
- jjrjear,
Santa Cruz, California
“Great voice! Nice clear lyrics, with a great hook. How many times have I had more blues
than I can use!!! Nice feel in the instrumentals. Showing a good
understanding of chords & using it to add to the song. Good effort guys, I liked it!!!
–zorphus5, Sydney,
New South Wales, Australia

“Great! Of all the garbage that i have listened to so far this was great,
great arangements with the horns and keys.Very buddy Guy ish or Robert
cray.nice work keep it up!"

-- royalbreed
Bristol, Rhode Island

"It's great!  This is an instant classic, in the style of Robert cray or someone like him!"
-- alohaspike, Honolulu, Hawaii

It's My Time:

"Soulful 60's Stax/Volt impressions
If this act isn't from Memphis, they should be...they are what Beale Street is about. Nice delivery vocally, the horns sound authentic and the overall band makes radio-friendly good old soul music. Otis, Wilson, Cropper, Dunn, Jones, the Memphis Horns, etc...oh, the fond memories rekindled..."
- jericat
Ocean, New Jersey

Awsome -
Good Bar music!I pictured my selfe slow dancin with my girl!Lights down low! Kickin arround a cool frosty Hinekin,or somethin like that. But allas I payed attention to the words! then realised I'll kick the ho! out in the mornin Cool Song! thats the mood I got from your song! Nice slow hand Sax. this was Deffinatly a blues Experiance! keep up the good work!"
Stuart, Florida

"Sweet Soul Music!
From the opening vocal I knew I was listening to a vocalist with years of experience or a young cat whose paid his dues already. Either way you can hear a lot of soul in this voice . A lot like the late great Sam Cooke....the vocals are so strong. The horn section worked well with a good smooth feel. The strongest vocals to date for this newcomer to review."
- BBandura
North San Juan, California

"This song gives me so big goosebumps...its so great! The voice,saxophone everything is so perfect. You really made it!  You made a great song...i love this song."
Athens, Greece

"I love It...Coolest Chill-Out Track !
Top Of The Line...good job.This track will reach no.1 If it don't, then there is heavy politics goin on in here!
Palma De Mallorca, Balares, Spain

Pretty Woman Blues:
Yeah…this track rocks. I was tapping my foot and nodding my head. The first words out of my friend were ‘oh hell yeah!’ Awesome track, man.” –Magick_Girl_311, Concord, CA
“Sweet. Awesome blues song. 60’s blues rock like Canned Heat only better. I really loved the horns too.”
–WalkerFee, Chatham, NJ
“I think this is a great blues band. I really like the vocalist alot.”
–soundman240, Columbia, MO
“Great vocals. Good blues track. Blues the way it should be!”
-GreekGirl, Leonia, NJ


Mmmm…Mmmm…Gooooooood. You can’t hear this music and not listen. Lead vocals excellent, rhythm great. Loved it.”

–freeziaroyale, Cherry Creek, NY


"This is the mistaking it!

Yes! You've got it...your sound is unmistakably classic and tends to lead the listener to some serious movement. I totally dig the raw energy found here...everything is tight- but loose enough so as not to lose it's dirty grooves, from the marvelous rythym section- to the swooning horns and guitar. I'm also quite impressed with the vocal delivery as well- blues vocalists with a natural delivery and plenty of soul are hard to come by- thankfully...a talented vocalist dominates this song with an expressive and impressive sound. Great Job!-Keep it up."
Sioux City, Iowa
“I remember “Tramp” from the mid-to-late 60’s. This is a good version of that song…especially the horns and the vocal. I wanna hear this band in a club!” – jimmcinnes, San Diego, CA


“This song was great! It had everything I was looking for in a blues song! ….great rhythm that made me want to get up and dance, good singer and sax solo! I am going to look this band up to get more of their music!”

-McDevitt1080, Asheville, NC
I Wouldn't Treat a Dog:
“Groovy song! I really liked the bass line, smooth player. Great vocalist, very distinctive, great pitch and control, really like the grit you throw in there. Great song, enjoyable to listen to. –Greg Huage, Brooklyn Park, MN

“Nice R&B feel. Feels like a classic 60’s soul tune. Vocals are perfect for this style. Nice arrangement. Rhythm section sounds good. Tight bass and drums.” --murff, Nashville, TN

“Very hot blues tune. I really like the way the drums and bass drive this tune.The bass has some really cool melodic runs. The horns do a fine job filling in the gaps. The lead vocals are strong and soulful for a blues tune.” –cfbassman, Columbus, OH

Room 244:

“WOWWW!! ….this song is AWESOME….I love this song. Reminds me of Ry Cooder, Wilson Picket & Taj Mahal.Vocals sound too good to be listening to them on Garageband, they sound like they could be coming straight from the Atlantic label.This band should have made it big a long time ago. Not only will I buy this song if & when it comes out, but I will recommend it to just about everybody I come in contact with. Best song I’ve heard by far.You got my top marks.”

– Im_a_Rocker, Swindon, Wiltshire, UK

“Otis Lives….great job all around. Excellent vocals, nice sax, great rhythm section, authentic ‘60’s sound, a pleasure to listen to.” -realex, Brentwood, NY

“Mmmmmm-Memphissy! This sounds the way I remember true R&B. Great groove overall. The lead vocalist is quite good, lots of genuine soul sound to him. The harmonies are great too.”

–nealdbluesman, Raleigh, NC
"Soul!! Great song, the band is tight, the vocals are great, and it’s got a great groove. What else can I say?”
–Annastasia, New York, NY
"Feels So Good...Nice motowny sound ala sunnyland slim or the blues bros. Great job on the lead voc and sax. Vocs were right up front in the mix-I like that. This one is a winner!"–WhiskeyRichard Grand Island, New York

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